Tulsa Photographer | Bluebonnets

Sometimes my absolute favorite images are the ones where no one is looking at the camera. The first image is the one that went to print. My two beautiful boys are growing up so fast it’s scary. We traveled down to Texas to catch the bluebonnets this year and I am so glad we did.

This girl loves a field of flowers y’all! It makes me all giddy inside. So dreamy and whimsical. And the sunshine… omg the sunshine. Look at that beautiful golden glow!

I have stumbled upon a gorgeous location with red Indian Paintbrushes. I’m pondering offering a “Newborns in Nature” add on to sessions. Outdoor newborn portraits are stunning. Send me a message if you are interested in heading outdoor for part of your session. The summer creates the perfect outdoor environment for newborns.

And without further adeiu I bring you the bluebonnets:

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