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Jamee and Aaron Oney are the proud owners and operators of Stork Vision Tulsa.  Jamee has been a registered diagnostic medical sonographer (RDMS) for six years and obstetric ultrasound is her passion. I had the pleasure of meeting Jamee at BabyFest. Jamee and I have something very special in common; we both photograph babies!  We had lunch this afternoon and put together this post that I am very excited to feature! Jamee has such a great personality and is such a joy to be around. I can promise you will have nothing but gigantic smiles after your appointment with her!

You can find Stork Vision on Facebook: Click Here, or on their website: Click Here.

How did your studio start and where are you located? (what made you choose to do ultrasound imaging?)

This is my dream job; I mentioned it to my husband one day because I was tired of the long hours at the hospital and working holidays.  We contacted Stork Vision® corporate a few weeks later and moved to Tulsa to open our own Stork Vision® franchise.  We are located on the SW corner of 81st and Lewis Ave.  We are in The Plaza shopping center behind Zio’s.

Do you have any special tips you can offer parents to ensure a successful ultrasound session? 

Drink, Drink, Drink LOTS of water.  Hydration helps with the clarity of the 3D/4D images.  Also, we ask our Mommies-to-be to drink something with sugar, like orange juice, about 30 minutes before your appointment.  We want to make sure baby is awake and moving around for us!  Sleeping babies are good for newborn photographers, but not for ultrasounds!

What products do you offer that your clients just can’t live without? What makes it so irresistible to them? 

Our most popular item is our Heartbeat Teddy Bears.  We record your baby’s heartbeat and put it inside of the bear.  So you will have your baby’s heartbeat to cherish forever!  This is something you can’t buy just anywhere and the bears are super cute too!
We also have some really cute and unique baby items you can buy.  Our onesies are very popular and we have a variety of OSU and OU items.  If you need a baby gift, stop by and see what we have.

Any non-profits you love and why?

Sustaining Grace helps provide non-medical 3D and 4D ultrasounds for the parents of babies that have received a fatal diagnosis. If these parents are going to give their child every chance at life, Sustaining Grace provides them with the opportunity to watch them grow in the womb.  The only time these parents get to see their baby full of life and active is during the 3D/4D ultrasound sessions.  I’ve been a part of one of these ultrasounds and it is very emotional for the parents, family and me (the ultrasound tech).  These are pictures these families will cherish forever.



How long have you been doing ultrasounds? 

I’m starting my 6th year of being a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS).  I worked in a hospital and imaging center 4 years before opening our business doing all kinds of ultrasounds.  Now I just scan babies (my favorite) and we’ve been open for 15 months.

What makes your services one of a kind?

Stork Vision prides itself on being the industry leader in Prenatal Ultrasound Imaging. To ensure the safety and quality of your pregnancy ultrasound experience, all ultrasound scans are performed by Sonographers registered or registry eligible by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS®) and are reviewed by our Medical Director.  Other ultrasound/prenatal 3D/4D imaging centers claim that persons performing ultrasounds need not be registered, nor have any type of professional training (Diagnostic Medical Sonography program) to perform scans, we know differently.  Having a professional registered or registry eligible Diagnostic Medical Sonographer performing the scan not only speaks to the integrity and consistency of the Stork Vision® Brand but also ensures the quality and safety of the ultrasound exam.

What makes your ultrasounds a must have for expecting Mother’s? 

The 3D/4D ultrasound is a wonderful bonding experience for the whole family.  It is truly amazing and breath-taking to see your unborn baby’s face and chubby cheeks in the womb.

What do clients say about you and your services? (testimonials) 

We had one daddy-to-be say, “this was better than Disney World!”  This was one of my favorite testimonials that brought tears to my eyes.  “I wanted to thank you for making our ultrasound so much fun and a great experience!  For each of my family members that came, I was hoping that they would have a certain type of experience and my expectations were exceeded!  We all had a WONDERFUL time.  The next day at work, all of my co-workers were just amazed and Oooo’ing and Ahhhh’ing with each picture and video clip!  It’s been so much fun to show him off.  It’s great to have a face to go with our little guy and all of his kicks and pushes 🙂  Knowing what he looks like makes his stretches not so uncomfortable.  Watching his movements made him seem so much more like a “real baby” as opposed to this mysterious discomfort inside!  Anyway, thank you again so much for making our ultrasound so wonderful!” –Jennifer

Anything else you would like to say about yourself?

I love taking pictures of babies all day, I truly do have the best job in the world.

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Thank You Jamee for taking the time to chat with me and put this post together!

Right now if you purchase an ultrasound package from Stork Vision(Share the Love[$195] or Double the Fun[$265]) You will receive a $75.00 Gift Certificate to Meagan Ready Photography.

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