Newborn Lips | Macro Tutorial

Achieving those really cute squishy lips is actually very easy.

I aim to photograph macro images during the bottom up pose. You need a lot of light for macro images so I usually scoot a bit closer to my light source when I shoot these. I shoot a Nikon D700 with a Nikkor 105 for my macro images. The full body shots were taken on a Canon Markiii.


For this session I snapped a few macro in a couple of different poses to show the difference between the two.


1) The first macro image was captured while baby was swaddled on her back. If you notice, her lips are “flat” and strait across. I don’t prefer these types of macro images for lips. I like for them to be cute and squishy. They personally look more lively to me.




2) The second set of macro images were photographed during the bottom up pose. I generally shoot the majority of my macro images in this pose including eyelashes, toes, hair & ears. It gives me the flexibility to shoot the images strait on instead of angled or from above. Shooting strait on also helps me to get the majority of my image in focus like I want it to be.





Hope this little tip can help you with achieving cute macro images of baby lips<3 If you found this tidbit of information to be helpful please repin.

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