Macro Monday | Tulsa Newborn Photographer

Macro images are my favorite on newborns. Newborns are so fresh and pure and as a mom I remember just studying my new baby’s little features. The eensy weensy teeny toes, the soft little fingernails, the fluffy newborn hair & the squishiest little lips. I remember all of these things when I look back at those images. The memories become so vivid again. I can instantly remember the smell of the milk on my baby’s breath and that fresh new baby smell all over again. I capture macro images with all of my newborn sessions so that you can remember these things too. They are always my favorites.

Captured with my Nikon D700 & 105mm lens.

What images touch you the most when you look at newborn photography? Is it the posed images, more relaxed, lifestyle or the details? Follow me on instagram.


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